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Gerry Price Hole in One

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Gerry Price, President & CEO of Price Industries, makes first ever Hole in One at Legacy on Lanier Golf Club


The Canadian management team of Price Industries headed south to Lake Lanier Islands, Georgia for their managers meeting expecting the usual 75 degrees and sunny skies that October on the lake usually offers.  Unfortunately, the weather didn’t pay much attention to its expected averages and twenty-five Price Industries managers from across Canada were met with a murky 48 degrees when they arrived at the golf course.  The team braved the conditions and tackled a tough and testing golf course, where the lake becomes very much a factor on twelve of its holes.  A fun day of golf was had by all with the pinnacle of the day being the 115 yard Pitching Wedge sunk by Gerry Price on the 5th hole for his first ever hole in one! 




Hole in One Summary



Gerry Price


October 17, 2009


#5 at Legacy on Lanier Golf Club

Club Selection

Pitching Wedge

Shot Description

“The ball dropped just over the front sand trap on a good line with the pin but on arrival at the green we couldn’t see it.  We checked around the green and then actually in the lake until Jim Ironside shouted over to check in the hole and there it was!”

Celebration Style

“Tall Kahlua & milk – at least a double!”

Company Information

Price Industries manufactures air distribution products for non residential construction


We have 4 exceptional par 3’s at Legacy on Lanier Golf Club, the picture above is the 5th hole.  The 5th is also on the lake and you’ll find it with anything left.  Our 10th hole is a challenging 171 yards from a high tee to an undulating green and you’ll find the lake with anything short or right on our 15th!


Call us today at 678-318-7861 to book your tee time and see if you can become part of the Legacy on Lanier hole in one club!

5 Simple Tips to Reduce Your Scores

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Five Simple Putting Tips that will Reduce your Scores Instantly!

Let’s face it, we’re never going to drive it 350 like Bubba, strike our irons as consistently as Stricker, or pitch it like Mickelson, but we could putt it as well as Tiger. I watch my friends (and I’m a culprit myself) hit 50 drivers on the range before they play, hit 3 fairways the whole round and then 3 putt every green! What are we thinking?!

The fastest route to low scores is improving your short game and putting is the easiest part. If you think about what is involved in the putting stroke, there’s no reason why we can’t all putt as well as Tiger. Before your next round, dedicate 15 minutes of that hour spent crushing balls all over the range for the putting green instead. Here are five simple tips that I guarantee will take shots off your score immediately. When you’re finished reading, give us a call at 678-318-7861 to come test your new found putting knowledge on our mini-verde Bermuda greens, a real test of your putting ability!

Legacy on Lanier Golf

Legacy on Lanier Golf

1. When making your practice swing, look at the hole. Why would you look at the ball and the square foot of grass around it? The ball isn’t going anywhere and that first foot is largely irrelevant. Looking at the hole while taking your practice swing will engrain the strength of stroke required in your head and give you a better chance of hitting your putt the correct distance.

2. Try to have the same length of backswing as follow-through. A large backswing and a short follow-through or a short backswing and a long follow-through will lead to problems with distance control. By keeping your swing evenly balanced, you give yourself the opportunity to get the ball rolling smoothly and on-line.

3. Get the ball to the hole. Make sure that if you miss your first putt, you miss long. You’re more likely to make your return putt, simply because you were able to see the exact line as you watched it go by the hole the first time. If you leave it short, you still cannot be certain how much break there will be. When your ball misses the hole, don’t throw your putter in the air, don’t look to the sky, don’t give your playing partners that mystified look, keep your eyes on the ball!

4. Always watch the putts of your playing partners. Just like tip #3, this concept is obvious but most people don’t actually do it. Viewing your partners’ putts gives you hard facts about the pace of the green and its contours. Everything about their putts will be relevant for your putt. Watch them carefully but be efficient, we don’t want five hour rounds!

5. Leave yourself easy putts. I’m not talking about trying to ensure a 4 iron from 185 yards stays below the hole as even the pros find that tough. I’m talking about chipping. Most amateurs will not hit many greens in regulation, so you’ll find yourself facing a lot of chip shots. On your approach to the green, take a good look around the hole and determine where would be easiest to hole a 6 foot putt. Keep this zone in mind when you’re chipping and you’ll make more of those up-and-downs.

Call us today at 678-318-7861 to reserve your tee time and try your putting skills on our new Mini Verde Bermuda greens. Our greens are very undulating and even with all the recent rain they’re still nice and firm, a refreshing change from that marshy feel of other courses in the area.

When booking your tee time, tell the professional shop that you read this article and qualify for a free ten minute putting lesson with one of our golf professionals!